Monday, February 15, 2010

A philosopher's faith

A Philosopher's Faith
Inspired by John Dewey

My person returns to unwind all its threads,
Woven by language into the habits of heads;
An old wearied head must bow down one final eve,
But my lively thought shines in cloth I helped to weave.

Your gift by my leave is but some seeds yet to grow,
Whose value was found in times of need long ago;
Sow all of these seeds in our vast garden with care,
Protect and defend the greater harvest to share.

To view such swift change, see truths melt under new suns,
To watch how scared souls kept on refining their guns;
My nation was home despite such strife with no cease,
My freedom was here while humbly searching for peace.

By trial did I live, by more trial find my thought’s worth,
My death you will get if you conceive no new birth;
No life without doubt, for the best fail now and then,
No rest for my faith, that each new day tests again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ketika cinta bertasbih...

Kau mencintaiku
Seperti bumi
Mencintai titah Tuhannya.
Tak pernah lelah
Menanggung beban derita
Tak pernah lelah
Menghisap luka

Kau mencintaiku
Seperti matahari
Mencintai titah Tuhannya
Tak pernah lelah
Membagi cerah cahaya
Tak pernah lelah
Menghangatkan jiwa

Kau mencintaiku
Seperti air
Mencintai titah Tuhannya
Tak pernah lelah
Membersihkan lara
Tak pernah lelah
Menyejukkan dahaga

Kau mencintaiku
Seperti bunga
Mencintai titah Tuhannya
Tak pernah lelah
Menebar mekar aroma bahagia
Tak pernah lelah
Meneduhkan gelisah nyala

reminder: petikan dari novel ketika cinta bertasbih

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